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Aesthetic Appearance!

Adamante is an irreplaceable and aesthetically most interesting product of southern European countries. As Unimetal, we manufacture this product for the Azerbaijani consumer taking into account the local climatic conditions and deliver it to you with confidence. With a 10-year decorative quality warranty and 20-year corrosion resistance warranty, you can get this product only from Unimetal. Width of metal tile: 1200 mm Remaining width after assembly: 1100 mm Profile height: 20 mm Wave length: 350 - 400 mm Thickness: 0.37 - 0.60 mm


Iron Tile!

Reminiscent of natural tiles at first sight, Monterrey roof coverings provide a wonderful image that combines the past with the future. The characteristic of the Monterrey form is the geometry of its profile, which resembles a natural roof made of clay. With these premium roof coverings, your home is completely safe. Width of metal tile: 1200 mm Remaining width after assembly: 1100 mm Profile height: 14 - 24 mm Wavelength: 350 mm Thickness: 0.22 - 0.60 mm


Modern Design!

Runoprofil roof coverings are distinguished by their modern design, in addition to having flat and wide waves. Having an elegant and elite appearance, it is used in buildings of various styles. Runoprofil roofing is reminiscent of modern European country houses with its simplicity of form. Width of metal tile: 1200 mm Remaining width after assembly: 1100 mm Profile height: 20 mm Wave length: 350 - 400 mm Thickness: 0.37 - 0.60 mm

Profnastile P20

Affordable Product!

Profnastil P 20 product is used in our country for roofing of non-residential buildings, fencing of garden houses and many other areas. Profile width: 1140 mm Profile height: 20 mm Thickness: 0.17 - 0.70 mm Profile width: 970 mm Profile height: 45 mm Thickness: 0.25 - 0.80 mm

Profnastile P 45

Deep Waves!

Unlike Profnastil P 20, model P 45 has deeper waves. This model adds a special atmosphere to the appearance of houses. As with all our roofing products, we provide a 10-year decorative and 20-year corrosion durability warranty for our P45 model.

Wavy Profile

Classic Iron Roofing

Corrugated profiles are one of the widely used profile types. Besides being easy to install, it also has an eye-catching feature. Profile width: 1120mm Profile height: 2.20 and unlimited length Thickness: 0.22-0.70 mm


Aesthetic Fence

Europanel fences, which add special beauty to courtyard houses, are designed to suit every taste (straight and wavy) and are very easy to install. This product, made of iron coils of various colors, has a very light weight. Material thickness Maximum - 0.53 mm Minimum - 0.30 mm Height Maximum - 6 m Minimum - 40 cm Width – 13.5 mm

Iron coils with polymer coating

Polyester glossy

Get this product, which is used in the manufacture of sandwich panels, household appliances, ventilation systems, steel ceilings and facade materials, with the Unimetal guarantee.

Polymer coated iron coils

Polyester Matt/Ribbed

It is mainly used in the preparation of roofing, fencing and facade materials.


A500C Rebars

Armature is one of the most demanded products in the construction sector today. Thus, Armature plays a key role in the construction and creation of all kinds of buildings, bridges and tunnels. High-quality fittings ensure long-term operation of the building. Because the reinforcement is the basis of the foundation, and there is no doubt that the main purpose of using the reinforcement product in the foundation is mainly to give tolerance to the foundation. It is possible to find the armature product in the market in many sizes and brands. However, it is necessary to understand that the armature is actually such a product that it is useful to be very careful when choosing it. As Unimetal, we are one of the largest armature manufacturers in our country. Unimetal's A500C fittings are used with confidence by construction companies in many parts of our country. Armatur product differs from many other products with its eye-catching shapes and durability. If we want to get more accurate information about the armature, then we should mainly get information about its chemical composition. The armature is created by combining many chemical elements and being exposed to heat for a long time. It should be noted that the chemical elements in its composition during the preparation of the reinforcement affect its durability and quality when the reinforcement is ready. Type: (A500C) Diameter: 12.0 - 32.0 mm

Steel pipes

Pipes produced by the Unimetal plant are durable and fully suitable for long-term use. Pipes undergo a special safety test in the laboratory within our company and are then transported to the point of sale. Metal brand: Cт 1-3 Diameter: 15 - 159 mm Wall thickness: 0.8 - 5 mm

Steel Sections

Steel profiles are one of the most useful construction products. Unimetal is the address for large-sized steel profiles! Dimensions: 200x200x6 mm 200x200x5 mm 140x140x4 mm 150x100x4 mm 150x150x4 mm Thickness: 0.8 mm - 5 mm


The support of the building!

It is no coincidence that professional craftsmen always choose the two types we produce. Because our quality products are put on sale after passing special tolerance tests. Metal brand: Cт3сп Size: 65-450 mm


Durable gutters are always needed for the construction site. It is possible to buy the product of full quality and meeting GOST standards from Unimetal. Metal brand: Cт3сп Diameter: 65.0 - 300.0 mm


The biggest difference of Unimetal products is their quality. Unimetal has the best quality of corners that are in great demand in construction projects. Metal brand: Cт3сп Size: 40x40 st3 40x40 st4 50x50 st3 50x50 st4 50x50 st5 63x63 st3.5 63x63 st4


Basic Raw Materials!

Steel billets, considered the number 1 product of Unimetal LLC's "Steel Billets Production Plant" located in Sumgayit city, aim to reduce dependence on foreign raw materials by empowering local production. As a chemical composition, steel billets considered for making real metal are the main raw materials of many products of Unimetal.

Galvanised Rolled Sheets

Quality Raw Materials

Galvanized coils are one of the products used in many industries. These products are mainly used in roofing, ventilation systems, machinery industry and also in many other industries. Companies producing various colored roofing materials and their auxiliary elements, facade profiles, sandwich panels, steel ceilings, ventilation systems and household appliances can consume painted iron in the form of rolls from us. Metal grade: DX51D Total thickness: 0.20 - 0.28 mm Width: 900 - 1250 mm


Thin metal

You can buy rolled steel wire, which is one of the main parts of the building and has high quality, in any size from our factory. Metal brand: Cт1-3сп, Ст1кп Diameter: 4.5 - 8.0 mm

Steel Pattern Plates

Unimetal steel plates have always been chosen for their quality, durability and rust resistance. It is used especially in the construction field and fully meets GOST standards. Metal brand: Cт3сп Thickness: 1.3 – 2.5 mm Width: 1000 - 1250.0 mm

Cold Rolled Steel Plate

Cold Metal

Cold-rolled metal plates are one of the main products supplied by Unimetal LLC. You can get this raw material from Unimetal.

Hot Rolled Steel Plate

Hot Metal

Hot-rolled metal products are a product that Unimetal supplies from abroad and guarantees its quality with full confidence. This product can be considered an irreplaceable product of the iron construction sector.


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