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Aesthetic Appearance!

Adamante is a modern roof covering developed using advanced technologies. Its unique texture resembles ceramic tiles. A wide range of color options are available to you, allowing you to choose the perfect shade for your roof that matches the overall style and architecture of the building. Adamante is not only reliable protection of your home from weather conditions, but also the opportunity to create an individual and attractive look for your roof that will delight you for many years. With a 10-year decorative quality guarantee and a 20-year corrosion resistance guarantee, you can only get this product from Unimetal. Metal tile width: 1200 mm Remaining width after assembly: 1100 mm Profile height: 20 mm Wave length: 350 - 400 mm Thickness: 0.37 - 0.60 mm


Iron Tile!

Monterrey metal tiles are a modern roofing covering that combines elegant design and the strength of metal. Its profile, imitating natural tiles, gives the roof a sophisticated look, and its high technical characteristics provide reliable protection for your home. Monterrey metal tiles are made from galvanized steel sheets coated with a layer of polymer for additional protection. Our products are manufactured using high-tech equipment in compliance with the highest quality standards. Metal tile width: 1200 mm Remaining width after assembly: 1100 mm Profile height: 14 - 24 mm Wave length: 350 mm Thickness: 0.22 - 0.60 mm


Modern Design!

Runoprofile roofing coverings are made from galvanized profiled steel sheet with a thickness of 0.38 to 0.50 mm, coated with a layer of paint. They can be cut to lengths from 500 mm to 6000 mm (preferably 2200 mm). Available in a wide range of RAL standard colours. Height - 30 mm. These roofing coverings are aesthetically pleasing and durable, ideal for new buildings.

Profnastile P20

Affordable Product!

Profnastil P 20 product is used in our country for roofing of non-residential buildings, fencing of garden houses and many other areas. Profile width: 1140 mm Profile height: 20 mm Thickness: 0.17 - 0.70 mm Profile width: 970 mm Profile height: 45 mm Thickness: 0.25 - 0.80 mm

Profnastile P 45

Deep Waves!

Unlike Profnastil P 20, model P 45 has deeper waves. This model adds a special atmosphere to the appearance of houses. As with all our roofing products, we provide a 10-year decorative and 20-year corrosion durability warranty for our P45 model.

Wavy Profile

Classic Iron Roofing

Corrugated profiles are one of the widely used profile types. Besides being easy to install, it also has an eye-catching feature. Profile width: 1120mm Profile height: 2.20 and unlimited length Thickness: 0.22-0.70 mm


Aesthetic Fence

Europanel fences, which add special beauty to courtyard houses, are designed to suit every taste (straight and wavy) and are very easy to install. This product, made of iron coils of various colors, has a very light weight. Material thickness Maximum - 0.53 mm Minimum - 0.30 mm Height Maximum - 6 m Minimum - 40 cm Width – 13.5 mm

Dyed Rolls

Polyester glossy

Get this product, which is used in the manufacture of sandwich panels, household appliances, ventilation systems, steel ceilings and facade materials, with the Unimetal guarantee.

Dyed Rolls

Polyester Matt/Ribbed

It is mainly used in the preparation of roofing, fencing and facade materials.


A500C Rebars

Rebar has become one of the most sought after products in the construction industry, playing a key role in the creation of buildings, bridges and tunnels. High-quality fittings ensure long-term operation of the building, and choosing the right fittings for the foundation is a fundamental stage of construction. Unimetal, one of the largest valve manufacturers in the country, offers its products as a reliable solution for your project. Our A500C fittings are widely used by construction companies across the country due to their high quality performance and durability. Armatur products are distinguished not only by their attractive shape, but also by their reliability. Our products undergo strict quality control, ensuring the safety and durability of your construction project. To obtain more accurate information about our valves, it is important to understand their chemical composition. Unimetal offers A500C fittings in diameters from 12.0 to 32.0 mm, ensuring the best fit for your project requirements. By choosing Unimetal fittings, you choose reliability, quality and professionalism. Contact us to ensure the sustainability and durability of your construction project. Type: (A500C) Diameter: 12.0mm - 32.0mm

Steel pipes

Steel profiles are the basis of building structures, providing strength and stability. Manufactured at metal structures factories using advanced technologies. Iron profiles are used in frame structures due to their strength. They are in demand in the construction of bridges, airports and industrial facilities, providing high reliability. Metal structures based on steel profiles are ideal for various engineering tasks, combining strength and lightness. Their widespread use in modern construction projects highlights their importance for infrastructure and industrial development. Dimensions: 200x200x6 mm 200x200x5 mm 140x140x4 mm 150x100x4 mm 150x150x4 mm Thickness: 0.8 mm - 5 mm

Steel Sections

Steel profiles are one of the most useful construction products. Unimetal is the address for large-sized steel profiles! Dimensions: 200x200x6 mm 200x200x5 mm 140x140x4 mm 150x100x4 mm 150x150x4 mm Thickness: 0.8 mm - 5 mm


The support of the building!

It is no coincidence that professional craftsmen always choose the two types we produce. Because our quality products are put on sale after passing special tolerance tests. Metal brand: Cт3сп Size: 65-450 mm


Durable gutters are always needed for the construction site. It is possible to buy the product of full quality and meeting GOST standards from Unimetal. Metal brand: Cт3сп Diameter: 65.0 - 300.0 mm


Steel angles are important building materials for creating stable structures. They are used to form corners and frames in reinforced concrete and metal buildings, ensuring the strength and durability of structures. These angles are used in various fields of construction, including residential and industrial construction, bridge construction and other branches of engineering. Metal brand: Cт3сп Size: 40x40 st3 40x40 st4 50x50 st3 50x50 st4 50x50 st5 63x63 st3.5 63x63 st4


Basic Raw Materials!

Metal blanks are an important raw material for the production of construction materials and products. Iron and other metals are used to create structures of varying complexity, including for construction. The effective use of workpieces determines the quality and strength of the final product, affecting the safety and durability of buildings.

Galvanised Rolled Sheets

Quality Raw Materials

Galvanized coils are one of the products used in many industries. These products are mainly used in roofing, ventilation systems, machinery industry and also in many other industries. Companies producing various colored roofing materials and their auxiliary elements, facade profiles, sandwich panels, steel ceilings, ventilation systems and household appliances can consume painted iron in the form of rolls from us. Metal grade: DX51D Total thickness: 0.20 - 0.28 mm Width: 900 - 1250 mm


Thin metal

Wire rod plays a key role in the metallurgical industry, where it is used to create a variety of metal products and structures. This material provides manufacturers with the opportunity to create high-quality and durable products, from building materials to components for mechanical engineering. Thanks to its versatility and reliability, wire rod remains an important element in the production processes of various industries. Metal grade: St1-3sp, St1kp Diameter: 4.5 - 8.0 mm

Steel Pattern Plates

Unimetal steel plates have always been chosen for their quality, durability and rust resistance. It is used especially in the construction field and fully meets GOST standards. Metal brand: Cт3сп Thickness: 1.3 – 2.5 mm Width: 1000 - 1250.0 mm

Cold Rolled Steel Plate

Cold Metal

Cold rolled plates are widely used in various industries due to their smooth surface and precise dimensions. It is used in construction for roofing and cladding materials. Its uniform thickness and improved mechanical properties make it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications where strength and durability are important.

Hot Rolled Steel Plate

Hot Metal

Hot rolled steel sheet is a metal sheet that goes through a hot rolling process where the metal heated to a high temperature is passed through rollers to form the desired thickness and shape. The resulting sheet has a rougher surface compared to cold rolled sheet, and is commonly used in structural applications such as construction, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing and many other industries.