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It is its duty to provide all technical and useful information about roofing to consumers and partners who want to buy a unique iron roofing. We are constantly thinking about the quality and efficiency of our production, as well as customer satisfaction. That is why, as Unimetal, we guarantee 10 years of decorative quality and 20 years of general use for each roofing product purchased from us.


We actually sell quality!

Since 1995 Unimetal always offers the best for you. One of the factors underlying our success is to play the role of a reliable and trustworthy partner that meets their requirements by showing an individual approach to all customers. This approach has made Unimetal a leading company and reliable partner in its profile. Thanks to the innovative approach, accurate planning, professional staff and high production capacity, Unimetal is expanding its activity area and product range year by year.

The First and Monochromatic Iron Roll Production Plant in Azerbaijan and the Caucasus

Unimetal MMC is also the first and only polymer-coated iron roll in the country. We have a professional team that can manage the production line built with the latest technology only with local specialists. We invest in innovative projects within the country, completely eliminating the dependence of our customers on foreign raw materials. At the same time, we are a manufacturing company that offers the highest quality, most affordable and most efficient products to end users..



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Genuine Metal Address

Our motto is always to show our consumers the right address of quality and where people can find a quality product. We can say with confidence that Unimetal is an organization that works with a professional team with the latest quality indicators and the most modern equipment in its products.


The management of "UNIMETAL" LLC declares that the application of Health, Safety and Environmental Protection (HSE) rules is one of our values and an integral part of our business activities.
    Our main goal in applying the HSE policy is to create a safe working environment without harming people s health, property and the environment by complying with the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, normative and technical requirements and accepted international acts, and to make the number of accidents and those affected by them equal to zero in all areas of our activities.
  • The requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, normative legal acts adopted by the relevant executive authorities within the scope of their powers, as well as international agreements to which the Republic of Azerbaijan has joined or become a party will be observed;
  • Relevant work will be done to ensure health protection and labor safety created on the basis of the labor legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as to support and constantly improve environmental management systems by management;
  • Educating all employees working in our enterprise about the requirements of labor protection and environmental protection, assimilation of responsibility by all employees will be ensured;
  • Risks and opportunities will be identified and evaluated, and a plan of actions against them will be prepared;
  • During management and technical decision-making, all threats, environmental pollution, and pollutants to the atmosphere, water, and soil will be prevented by proper use of natural resources that may harm peoples safety, health, and the environment;
  • The main (root) causes of all types of incidents that have occurred will be investigated and remedial measures will be taken to prevent them from occurring in the future;
  • Conduct regular monitoring and inspection of all emergency, firefighting and safety critical equipment and ensure that all such equipment is operated in accordance with manufacturer s instructions;

HSE requirements apply to all employees who perform their duties in the company s territory and work area, as well as in the territory and work areas of an external company.

Our goal is to create healthy and safe working conditions that do not cause accidents, injure people, or harm the environment.

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